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Introducing THC for your Weed needs!

New Site. New Insight.

Weed needs come from seeds.

THC – The Hippy Canadian is a new site that has been designed to bring you an assortment of weed related products, gifts and information to help enjoy life peacefully.

As of  summer 2018 Canada will legalize pot. It will also happen across the US over the next few years.

It’s only a matter of time.

We don’t know of any wars that were started by people using weed!

We all need to chill more, use weed to relax and stop posting our outrage about everything on social media.

Let people have their opinion. If it does not match your way of thinking, so what, chill. Their view is not going to change your life one little bit.

At THC – The Hippy Canadian you can get books on hydroponic gardening, get the kit to start your horticultural hobby and even buy t-shirts, ashtrays and gifts for your cool friends.

We think you will find something for all your weeds, we mean needs, even your cravings are catered for. We have a section to get your snacks in bulk. We believe this is a must if you are a true aficionado of the herb.

Check out the gift section, there is everything from stuff you really want, but didn’t know it, to fun items for friends. Finding that birthday or holiday gift has never been easier.

Of course you will find papers, rollers and grinders in the accessories section.

We do not sell any illegal items. Only products that are available on reputable sites like Amazon.

So do yourselves a favor and head over to THC – The Hippy Canadian, have a look around. We are sure you will find just the thing you need for you and your friends to relax after a stress filled day at school or the office.

It’s time people. The Need for Weed!

Go on, plant the seed. Tell your friends

Fire up the bong, sit back, relax.

Let’s change the world one gram at a time.

It’s all HAPBONGING here.

See you on the inside.

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